Relocation is one of the most
stressful life events.

Seek help if you feel overwhelmed.

My name is Monika Stojek and I am an Expat Psychologist working in Gdynia.
Expatriada means a „woman on relocation” in Spanish.
This was me a few years ago in Spain. I know well the challenges of relocation and difficulties of living in a foreign country. Apart from my personal expat experience, I have worked for more than 10 years in the Relocation Area both in big companies and NGOs.
Currently, I am being trained as psychotherapist in the Kraków Psychodynamic Centre recommended by the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. 
I speak Polish, English and Spanish.


Psychological Consultation
100 PLN/50 min
Individual Therapy
100 PLN/50 min
Psychological Consultation
100 PLN/50 min

Contact Me

Expatriada at Manipura Centrum Zdrowia mgr Monika Stojek – psychologist, therapist
ul. Warszawska 41/2 Gdynia Poland
579 078 815